Angel The Dreamgirl - 515 Angel the Sexy Waitress at the As You Wish Cafe


The name is first on her blazer, and then will be on the front of her thong once she gets stripped. Props - Banana, Towel, Glasses of water

Note - She maintains a professional manner most of the time. She can look annoyed when she gets groped. Noise - The normal cafe background noise Premise - This time she is already working in the cafe.

We see customers come in and they really enjoy the special offer the cafe has that day.

There is a piece of paper on the wall. It says

"Today's special - All You Can Grope!"

Begin -

Round 1 -

We see our waitress going around cleaning up, droping off orders or whatever. A customer calls her over.

It seems that this customer was at the birthday party in Part 1. He wants her to wear the thong and banana outfit. He begins to grope her as she stands in front of him. She tries to explain that she cannot dress like that because it is not a special event.

He doesn't seem to be listening and is only interested in groping her. She is getting a very good groping as she stands in front of him.

Soon he begins to undo her clothes. Her blazer is unbuttoned Skirt Unzipped and pulled down. Blouse is unbuttoned and pulled open revealing that she is not wearing a bra.

He is very excited when he sees this. She looks around nervously and tells him to stop.

He pulls her close and sucks on her breasts. (Both breasts get sucked) He does not care and gropes her breasts and rubs her crotch.

He sticks a banana into the front of her thong and begins pulling her clothes off. Removal of clothes in this order

1 - Blazer

2 - Skirt

3 - Blouse

She is left in a thong and banana outfit as he continues to grope her.

He pulls her close and sucks her breasts again. More groping and rubbing.

Playing with the banana etc She finally manages to leave.

Round 2 - Thong and Banana

She has to serve the other customers wearing only her thong and banana

Other customers are calling her. She seems to be very popular because of her thong and banana outfit. They are not interested in ordering anything. They just want to grope her breasts and ass and rub her crotch.

Play with the banana We see her get pulled close a few times so they can suck her breasts. She is not happy when this happens. They start splashing her with drinks. (Water) And we see her getting soaking wet. She decides to go to the kitchen and get dressed.

Round 3 - To the Kitchen

We see her go to the kitchen. It seems that a customer has followed her into the kitchen. She is surprised and tells him that the kitchen is for employees only. He ignores her and she finds herself getting groped again. Breasts getting groped and crotch rubbed.

She tries to push his hands away but no luck. Plenty of groping and rubbing going on.

And after a few minutes of this she decides to try and put her clothes on. He doesn't want her to put her clothes on so he just keeps groping her and pulling off whatever she tries to put on. She tries to put on her skirt and blouse but he manages to pull them off.

He finally leaves, but he takes the blouse and skirt with him. She tries to tell him to stop but he ignores her.

Round 4 - In a Towel

She is back to serving customers. We see her wrapped in a towel. She is wearing only a thong under the towel. We can see her cleavage.

Once again, as she goes around, she gets groped. Breasts getting groped, crotch rubbed etc They lift up her towel to reveal her thong.

From the front to rub her crotch. From behind to grab her ass.

They manage to pull off her towel several times and as she tries to get it back, she gets groped. Finally, someone reaches under her towel and pulls down her thong.

She is now naked under the towel. We see her trying to keep her towel on. It gets pulled off and she gets groped a few more times. Her shift is finally over and we see her leave.


Wow! The first clip was good. This was just awesome!
Even better than the first clip.
I swear your work keeps getting better!
We really have to go an do a part three of this series!
Once again, thank you so much for a job well done!
P.S. I thought it was quite cute when she pulled out the banana and threw it aside.
Showed she was quite fed up.
Very good work! 

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