Miss Mackenzie - Relentless Nylon Leg Teasing and Edging to Make You My Financial Chastity Slave


As our newest school governor I thought I should bring you into my office for a meeting. I have already noticed you staring at my lovely long nylon legs on the few occasions we have met and I think we should just get it out there right away to save any confusion! First things first, you need to strip completely naked. There is no need to look shocked just do what I say. Once naked you can take a seat a little closer to me and I shall lock the door to make sure we are not disturbed. Now we are both comfortable I sit across from you and start to tease you with my gorgeous nylon covered legs, I am wearing the sexiest nude coloured pantyhose with a subtle seam running all the way up the back and I occasionally dangle my heel from my nylon toe. As the teasing intensifies I can see just how hard your cock is and I order you to take hold of it and start to stroke, but careful as we do not want any uncontrolled ejaculations do we?! I run my hand all over my soft sheer pantyhose, they feel incredible and I can see you want to cum so badly, but you must not! I cross and uncross my legs, rubbing them together so you can hear the soft noise as they glide over each other. You are getting closer and closer, your balls are aching, you think you might blow your load… but I tell you to slow it down, you will not cum unless I say, I am in control. I tell you start stroking again as I want to tease you some more and I bring you closer and closer, edging you over and over. However as you enjoy watching and stroking and as you feel yourself getting dangerously close after lots of edging I stop you abruptly. Things are about to change, your hands are now tied behind your back and you are still naked with a rock hard cock that shows no sign of going down as it aches to cum for my nylon legs. I explain how you will now become my financial chastity slave, who will only ever cum if I should allow it. You will pay well each month to be allowed to masturbate a certain number of times, and all these masturbations will take place with me watching over you. Each time I will edge you over and over while teasing you with my nylon legs, you will get so close your body will tingle, but you will never cum unless I say you can, and I warn you this will be a very rare event! Should you disobey me and touch yourself when I am not present there will be repercussions, let’s just say I have a lot of very nasty chastity cages and you definitely do not want to end up locked up and in pain! You should also know that after each of our sessions, when I leave you frustrated with very full aching balls, I will then go and visit my lover. While with my lover I will give him the most explosive orgasm ever while he plays with my gorgeous nylon legs! 

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