Young Goddess Kim - Lick My Boots and Nylon Feet Office bitch!


you signed the contract - there's no way out. you'll be My little office bitch for life. Running any errands I command, including whatever degrading task I have for you. you have the most amazing view underneath My desk. After you fetch My coffee you will crawl right underneath and stay at My boots. Look how gorgeous they are, you want to kiss them don't you? you're so pathetic, you may only kiss My sole. Lick My boot soles clean! Use that tongue for what it was made for. In fact, My feet are getting so hot and sweaty in them... Can you smell their addicting aroma as I unzip My boots? Mmm you need your nose pressed against My sacred feet, deeply inhaling their scent. you're in for a treat, bitch - get My heel in your mouth and gently take off My boots. Now worship My pantyhose feet as I enjoy My coffee. Sniff, kiss and lick them until they are refreshed. I have a lunch date to go to, haha you're not going anywhere but I'll let you touch My locked property quickly as you admire My shiny leather boots on your knees. you'll be chained up and used as the public office ashtray while I'm out on My date. Follow behind My heels, bitch!

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