Ashlynn Taylor and Kendra James - Sensual Foot Seduction


You are dressed as a sexy schoolgirl with short skirt and high heels and go to your best friend Indica’s house. Your best friend is away at college but you pretend like you thought she was coming home today. Your friend’s hot step-mom Kendra (Mrs James) is dressed in a sexy office outfit, shirt and skirt with stockings and high heels with sexy lipstick. She just got home from the office and is exhausted.

She invites you to sit next to her on the couch and catch up. You talk about school how you can’t wait for Indica to get home for the holidays, you can’t believe you got the dates mixed up and Indica is due home next week. Since Mrs James’ husband is away on business she invites you to stay for dinner.

Mrs James is complaining that she is so exhausted so you offer to give her a foot massage instantly grabbing her feet and putting them on your lap. Mrs James is super hesitant and feels it’s inappropriate but you insist. She warns you that she’s been in the high heels all day and she has bad foot odor. You brush this off and slowly start to massage the heels of her feet whilst her shoes are half on still dangling. Mrs James is still super hesitant and doesn’t want anyone to find out especially her husband or your parents. You convince her that it’s just an innocent foot massage. She finally agrees and she even calls your step-mom to let her know that you are staying for dinner.

You finally remove her high heel shoes fully and are a little taken back (but secretly turned on) by the smell. You cough and wave your hands to try and clear the stench from the air. You laugh and tell Kendra that now you understand what she was talking about.

Kendra is becoming more and more mesmerized as you continue to massage her feet. Whilst her eyes are closed you pick up her heels to take a few whiffs. You grab a lollipop and lick/suck it slowly whilst massaging her feet and you keep indirectly making innocent compliments about her feet which start to get dirtier with each comment (such as how perfect they are, they are the most beautiful feet ever, sexy goddess feet worthy of worship etc). Kendra is becoming more and more uncomfortable by the inappropriate comments and tries to resist. She thanks you for the foot massage but she needs to get started on dinner now. You refuse to stop massaging and put her into a trance by telling her that it’s good and that she loves it, she never wants you to stop, she loves you and wants to leave her husband for you. Kendra resists saying that you are her step-daughter’s best friend, she loves her husband, this so wrong, you need to stop etc, she is kind of drowsy half mesmerized and half conscious. You gently massage/stroke her face cheeks with your hands, looking into her eyes as you sooth her and tell her it’s okay. After all you are practically like another step-daughter to her. You cradle her in your arms as you repeatedly mesmerize her with your seductive words whilst caressing her hair, body, face, you kiss her on the cheeks as you speak your mesmerizing words, eventually she falls into your trance and repeats everything that you say.

You slowly take the lollipop out of your mouth and slowly stick it in her mouth.

Now that she’s under your trance you start to smell and kiss her stocking feet and work your way up her entire body kissing her all over her body, unbuttoning her shirt and kissing her all over her chest, boobs and neck. You rub her stinky nylon feet all over your tits and pussy. You take the lollipop out of her mouth and put it back in yours before throwing it to the side. You cradle her in your arms as you slowly start to kiss her cheeks, head, face her before finally slowly kissing her lips and passionately making out with her.

You climb on top of Kendra so you are sitting on her lap but facing her and continue to make out with her. After 5 minutes of continuous making out you both get up and make your way to the bedroom, whilst continuing to make out. She lies on the bed and you remove her pantyhose so you can inhale and kiss her sexy but stinky feet. You describe the smell and taste to her as salty rotten cheese whilst you are licking her feet which turns you both on. Kendra sits up and you make out some more, you start to call her step-mommy and she calls you sweetie. You continue to refer to each other as this throughout the rest of the video. Kendra (Step-mommy) then removes your high heels and inhales them as well as your feet. She jokes that your feet are just as stinky as hers. She worships your feet a little before removing your clothes and kissing you all over your body and then making out with you.

You both take turns worshipping each others feet, and making out passionately.

Finally you are both naked in the bed in each other’s arms kissing and discussing your plans for your future together. Kendra (Step-mommy) plans to take you on a romantic cruise as soon as she gets the divorce money from her husband. You confess your love for each other and make out some more before collapsing into each other’s arms and falling nuggled together.

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