Young Goddess Kim - Possessed to Edge


you walk into the bedroom and find your innocent girlfriend dressed in a full latex catsuit and stilettos... This is totally out of character but you are instantly aroused by the sight before you. She starts teasing you and has you take off your pants, making you stroke your cock as you stare and get weaker and weaker... you want to cum so badly but She tells you to stop! She wants you to edge.. Suddenly you notice something off - something changes in Her. Even though you suspect She is possessed, you can't help keep stroking as She entices you over and over. More and more, you become Her captive. Her stroking, edging, helpless victim begging to cum. you can't take you hand off your cock - literally. you've lost control of your body. Her words control your every move. Now pumping in desperate desire, needing to cum so badly but you are physically unable unless She commands it. Inside, you are begging Her to command you to finally cum. She already has your body, but there's one last thing She wants to claim before She counts you down... Resistance is impossible

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